By being grateful for what we already have, we attract more good things into our life.  That’s how the Law of Attraction works – and it does work, every time!  

If, however, we are constantly dwelling on the things that we don’t have and begrudging others their good fortune, it’s a virtual certainty that we’ll continue in a state of lack.

The adoption of an Attitude of Gratitude brings into focus a whole host of blessings that we might well have been overlooking – or that we might never have really appreciated.  And that new focus shifts something within us, permitting further blessings to flow in.  The phrase ‘going with the flow’ has many potential meanings … many interpretations.  

One of its multiple benefits is that we relax and put ourselves into a state of ‘allowing’.  No longer uptight and feeling hard-done-by, we can now ease out of the mode of thinking that everyone but us has all the ‘luck’ and ease into a much healthier thought-process.  
So just how ‘lucky’ are you, personally, at this precise moment?

Can you see?  If you can, then gratitude for your eyes/sight might be a good place to begin.  Can you hear?  If you can, are you glad?  Are your legs capable of taking you from A to B efficiently?  Is your heart beating?  Do you have a roof over your head … food on your table … ?

I’m sure that by now you’ll have caught my drift!  We all have blessings.  So it’s simply a question of identifying them.  And once we begin this identification process our list of blessings just grows and grows.  During its growth, we start to feel better about our situation.  We realise that things could be much worse than they are and the emphasis is removed from lack.  In fact, if we are totally honest with ourselves, lengthening our list mentally every time yet another blessing pops into our heads, we can actually move into a place of plenty!

Then, slowly (perhaps) but surely, ‘miracles’ start happening!  The more we count the blessings we already have, the more we find that new ones are arriving.  It’s almost as if our very appreciation opens the door for us to receive further good things.  And so the whole process becomes self-generating … just as long as we remember to be thankful for what we have, rather than disgruntled about what we don’t have!
Simple, really, isn’t it?
©  P.G. Glynn   
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